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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  March 31, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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it right. we need to learn and not have someone give us the answers. >> reporter: we distorted the fifth grader's voice who told 9news now his teacher and teacher aide pointed out wrong answers and had him correct it. >> we are taking that very seriously and my security team will investigate. >> we are doing an investigation ourselves about the situation at the school. we find it to be inaccurate. >> reporter: the teacher's union president says the elementary school does not have the higher ratio rates of the other schools in question. >> maybe what the teacher was instructing the student to do is simply fill out this certain area properly so that your test could be recorded correctly and that's not unusual. >> reporter: at today acouncil hearing about impact the assessment program that ties teacher evaluations an bonuses to test scores we also learned school leaders are now making changes to better secure the test.
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>> we will be extra vigilent about test security after the exam. the state student has gone through a process where test booklets will have a seal this year that they didn't have before. >> reporter: acting chancellor henderson says there is no proof scores have been changed but she said if the inspect general's investigation finds cheating. >> make no mistake about it i will deal with it quickly and decisively but we live in a country where people are innocent until they are proven guilty. >> strong words from the acting chancellor. she will make measures to even get rid of folks if they are found to be cheating. in addition to ceiling those exams during testing we are told staff members from the central office will be at every school especially where questions have been raised and, lesli, the chancellor said she will try to shift the exams as quickly as possible to central office because there has been some question as to what happened between the time that the kids finish and the times
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that it gets there. >> there is a parent that wants to sit in on this testing. do you know whether she will be allowed to do that if. >> that was the piece we talked about. the mom we talked to yesterday we asked the act, chancellor about that and said she will have to talk to the school lawyers to find out if that is possible. >> may be a possibility. >> it could be. >> delia gonclaves, thank you. meantime a murder that shocked students at the universities of maryland have been solved. they announced the arrest of two suspects saying the motive for the popular student in his off-campus home was robbery. scott broom is following up tonight live from the house where it happened on 38th street. scott? >> reporter: we learned today one of the suspects is a former student at another well known university. and a graduate of a nearby high school. 22-year-old stephane weaver from bowie, former student at the university of west virginia has been charged with first-
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degree murder along with 23- year-old diandre ricardo williams of northeast washington. a snow january 11th, robbing this house for the cash and drugs they thought were inside. university of maryland senior justin overcash was shot and killed during the daytime home invasion. the accused shooter is williams. weaver drove the get away car and helped choose the target. overcash was picked because he had been dealing drugs from the house. >> i lived there for a year. >> reporter: today overcash's many close friends at the university say they are relieved the case is solved and the drug dealing was not the center of overcash's life. >> the kid was a scholar. he was a physical physics student. the fact that he was targeted
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like this is just still upsetting me to this day. >> reporter: as for weaver, the former wvu student, his hundreds of friends on facebook include many other students including some from maryland. but police say he had no relationship with overcash. >> reporter: both weaver and williams are now behind bars. and according to police both of them have made statements admitting to their role in this crime. reporting live in college park, scott boom, 9news now. >> thank you, scott. we are just one day away from april but it sure feels like february outside. topper, 40 degrees. what's going on. >> another day in the 40s. we have had about eight in the last nine days in the 40s in the last few days in the month of march. let's start with live doppler. now the good news is, most of the activity is just north of us up 270. once you get past gaithersburg you'll run into rain in frederick and hagerstown and little bit of wet snow around the hagerstown area.
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more rain building down to the south. while you may not need your umbrella in the next couple hours if you're out late you will need your umbrella once again because it will get steady and heavy again. look at the temps. only 42 at national. 41 in gaithersburg. 43 in manassas. and 45 in fredericksburg. our friends out in oakland still around the freezing mark and you can expect some more snow. for us, cloudy and cold. rain and showers maybe mixing with snow north and west. low temps in the 30s. winds north easterly at 10. everyone in the immediate metro area will stay above freezing tonight. we will come back and show you a picture where it snowed last night. probably in the same place once again tonight and we will look ahead to the weekend. back to you. >> thank you, topper. today's weather didn't put too much damper on the owning day of the major league baseball season. >> that's right, the nationals kicked off the 2011 campaign against the atlanta braves and we begin our live team coverage with brett haber at nationals park. brett?
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>> well, lesli, after six weeks down in sunny florida it must have come as a shock to the national systems when they walked out of the dugout today into 40 degrees and this frigid rain but it became apparent as this opening day unfolded that their hands and their feet and their toes are not the only things that were frozen. sadly their bats were as well. full pop and circumstance on this opening day. jayson werth got a roaring ovation as he was introduced. top 2 hayward takes hernandez deep and out to right field. made it 2-0 braves. that's how it ended. straight home run. wasn't enough as the nats start the season with a loss. >> a lot of hope among nationals fans this year for the new season. our dave owens is outside the stadium. dave, he spent the day with some of those nats faithful? >> that's right, brett. as a matter of fact, they were givenning out hats here at nats park. how about that?
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you can't beat that, huh? seventh opening day here since baseball returned to the nation's capitol. fourth year at nats park, of course. for all of you bosses that are wondering where my employees go today a lot played hooky and came down to watch some baseball. >> enjoy the game. >> reporter: by 11:00 a.m. they were rolling in. >> i know the nationals will have a better season than they did last year. >> it is opening day, baby. keeping it alive, baby. >> reporter: ready or not, baseball 2011 here we go with all the pomp and circumstance. and a little chili bowl. >> i've got a short-sleeved short, long sleeved shirt, sweatshirt. >> reporter: die hard fans require. >> i go back to griffith
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stadium and rfk. >> reporter: a die hard. so are these folks braving the elements and the view all the way down there, i would say it was pretty good they came out to see their heros. >> reporter: but in this weather no socks. >> things you do for your team, you know. >> reporter: no socks. how about that? the official attendance 39,055. that's the lowest it has been in opening day here since baseball returned to the nation's capitol but when you take into account the weather, lesli and anita, probably not much of a surprise. outside of nats park. send it back to you in the studio. >> all right. thank you. like that hat. thanks, dave. seven coworkers in upstate new york are now suddenly in the meg at millions spotlight. today the group came forward to claim their record jackpot. derek mcginty joins us in the satellite center with all of the day's excitement. tell us about these folks, derek. >> man, would you believe it.
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they say the odds on winning that lottery about 175 million to 1. would you believe that a hankering for a snicker's bar is what helps to fuel this improbable win and what are the odds on that? >> reporter: these seven shy workers are america's newest mega millionaires and they are overwhelmed. >> it is a blur. >> hasn't sunk in. >> still in disbelief. >> they pitched in just $2 a piece for 14 quick picks. >> looked at the numbers and looked at them and i'm like, this is for real. >> now each one takes home 19. 1 million after taxes. >> i want a dish washer. >> reporter: they bought the ticket just down the street
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from where the group works. he reached down for a snicker's bar, someone bought a lottery ticket ahead of him. the next one out of the machine was the mega millions winner. >> i'm thinking later on after all this went down, that guy would have won the ticket instead of me. i don't know. >> reporter: he was in charge of looking after the peace of the pipeworts $319 million. >> they put it in two zip lock bags hid it in my basement. i didn't know what to do with it. >> the group now named albany 7 haven't been back to work and haven't decided if they will go back. would you? >> i would not go back. >> usually each week 12 people participated in that group buy of the lottery tickets but last week for some reason five decided not to.
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how would you like to be them? >> not at all. the reserving of grave sites at arlington national cemetery a disgracious. a reservation system existed at arlington until 1962 but after that the superintendent still allowed selective senior officials to reserve plots. the warner bill would revoke any reservation made after 1962. that bill would force an investigation to find out how many plots had been set aside. warner says he suspects the unofficial reservation system might explain why arlington relied on an antiquated system and may be the mismarked and unidentified graves. the state of bridges in the district. a new report finds 30 bridges are structurally deficient including 14th street and key
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bridge. transportation for america says this doesn't mean the bridges are unsafe but we should look at this as a warning sign. the group finds bridges in maryland and virginia are actually in better shape than many other bridges across the nation. the battle in libya. the two sides fighting for control on the grounds lawmakers in washington drilled top pentagon officials. >> that's right. danielle knotting ham ham reports they want to know. control has been handed over to nato. >> reporter: some members of congress got the chance to grill top pentagon officials over the military operation in libya and expressed some frustration over the white house leading a coalition into air strikes without consulting with lawmakers. all of this as gadaffi's regime
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shows sign of unraveling. rebel pick up trucks are not enough. opposition fighters launched rockets at ground troops loyal to the libyan leader hoping to gain control of an important oil port that has gone back and forth between rebel and regime hands. amid the battles at least two members of gadaffi's regime resigned among them the man who was once libya's foreign minister. libyan officials insist he stepped down because of his health but coalition leaders see it as a sign that gadaffi's regime is crumbling. pentagon officials mets with lawmakers who are growing more frustrated by the day over the lack of clarity about the next steps in libya. >> how long do you anticipate our military mission will last? no one can predict for you how long it will take.
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>> reporter: c.i.a. operatives are now on the grounds in libya but secretary gates and saying the u.s. won't take the lead in arming and training the rebels. >> there will be resistance. there are plenty of sources. >> the pledge not to send u.s. ground troops in the end. they will be the ones who bring down gadaffi. president obama and his top aids have made it clear the operation will continue in libya until gadaffi is no longer in power and right now there is no sign that the rebel forces are organized enough to force the libyan leader to step down. now back to you, anita. >> thank you. those two pentagon officials were unable to answer questions from some lawmakers who wanted to know how the u.s. would get out of the conflict
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if gadaffi remains in power. >> a 7-year-old from waldorf gets a hero's welcome on capitol hill. how she saved her mother's life. that story is coming up at 5:30 p.m. would you spend $200 to watch your child graduate? one local high school is asking parents to do it. i'm peggy fox. coming up i'll tell who you is and why. does this water look safe to you? the local story behind this fluorescent stream coming up right after the break.
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the people living around this creek in prince george's county are breathing a sigh of relief being told not to worry about that bizarre color there of the water. a hazardous materials team was called out to the creek yesterday to check out the clearly fluorescent green stream. a nontoxic dye used to identify
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boiler leaks is what it is. graduation ceremonies are right around the corner but at one local school some parents are concerned about a plan to sell seats or sell tickets for the best seats. how much are they charging. >> reporter: to watch your own child graduate $200 for four tickets. or $100 for four tickets depending on the best seats that you want. some parents think the plan smacks of elitism. >> i have never even heard of that. that's crazy. >> reporter: that's the reaction we have gotten from a lot of people about lake braddock secondary schools' idea to sell tickets for seating at graduation. >> reporter: she has one that graduated last year and one that will graduate this year. >> i have heard other parents say it is not fair.
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>> reporter: like many fairfax county high schools the ceremony is held at george mason patriot center. this is video from mason's own ceremony last year. the high schools do provide families with 10 free tickets but seats are first come, first serve. if you want to see your graduate up close and sit in one of the first four rows it will cost you $200 for four tickets in the gold package. but if you would rather only spend $100 you can purchase the purple package and get four tickets in rows 5 through 8. but if you're just going to take these freebies you might be sitting way back here. just remember to bring those binoculars and a cam are with a zoom lens. >> reporter: only 340 premium seats are being sold. the rest of the 10,000 seats are free. he says the money will be used to offset the cost of renting the patriots center which is
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about $10,000. >> it is a good way to raise money but maybe some families can't afford it. so i don't know, i think it might be kind of unfair in a way. >> reporter: the mom we interviewed suggested that maybe they kind of adjust the plan to have some decent seats available at a lesser cost. she even suggested having a lottery to making some of those seats for free but just do a lottery. >> help me understand. i mean, are other schools doing this? >> yes. >> i was surprised by it and a lot of people i talked to today were surprised even people at george mason were surprised by it who work in the patriots center. but the spokesperson at fairfax county schools says 11 high schools in fairfax county are doing this, taking a chunk of tickets. $10,000 to rent the place. just a way to build up that
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fund. so they can use that money. >> all right, peggy. better start saving money. anita, back to you. >> lesli, thank you. tonight the united nations nuclear watch dog is urging japan to widen its evacuation zone around the crippled power plant. higher levels of radiation are now being detected in japan. seawater around the plant now has more than 4300 times the legal limit. water pooling underneath has 10,000 times too much radiation. fallout has made its way into soil 25 miles away. in the u.s. trace amounts of radio active iodine have been found in milk in washington state and california. but health officials and the dairy farmers say the milk is still safe to drink. the e.p.a. says the amount tested in spokane was 5000 times below any level of health concern. >> radiation can be a scary word but it is important to remember that actually we are
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surrounded by radiation every single day. comes from the sun. our televisions and our cell phone. they think the radiation probably landed on feed then consumed by the cows and transferred to the milk. the e.p.a. says it is increasing monitoring of water and air nationwide. it shows you how globallally it can spread. >> trace amounts. reinforce that. trace amounts. >> well below the limit. >> all right. didn't feel like baseball weather today but got the game in. talked about not being raining hard but not exactly chamber of commerce weather. let me show you what happened last night up to the north. smithburg just to the east of hagerstown. an inch of snow yesterday and overnight. probably another inch tonight as well. remember, they are elevated up there. probably 800 feet or so. so if you have little elevation what better chance of seeing snow tonight. kind of unusual talking about back-to-back snows but march can be crazy. 42 right now downtown.
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41 in gaithersburg. only in the low 40s in leesburg and manassas and only 45 down in fredericksburg. so much below average. here is the big radar. notice we have some more rain down in parts of piedmont, north carolina. that's going to be big snow for interior new england tonight and tomorrow night. our rain will develop. a little bit of drizzle right now. some rain showers pushing out of the northern viewing area. you go up 270 into frederick and on into hagerstown light rain and showers that will move away but will be replaced with another batch later on tonight. so here is the deal. more like early march than late march really. rain and showers and snow tonight north and west. a wet morning commute. good news is i think we will have a dry evening commute tomorrow and not as cold over the weekend. temps won't make average levels yet but it will not be cold. tonight late about 10:45 p.m.
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want to walk the dog. need a jacket and umbrella. here comes the rain. as we go through the night rain overspreading the area. very wet morning commute. allow some extra time. you get in between hagerstown and cumberland all in the form of snow. we go through friday by lunchtime, clouds are still lingering but showers are now across the bay. that's good news. and finally by afternoon we will see some breaks in the clouds. we should even see the sunset tomorrow. won't that be nice. we will clear out nicely by tomorrow night. all right, let's talk about tonight. here we go. cloudy skies. cold. rain. showers. maybe mixing with snow north and west. lows in the 30s. winds north easterly at 10. but above freezing. now tomorrow morning early rain or snow shower then decreasing clouds, cold, 30s and 40s. then by afternoon finally some dryer air. partly cloudy, breezy and brisk. highs low 50s. winds northwest 10 to 20 it will feel a little bit colder. keep that in min 50 on saturday.
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mid-50s oon sunday with sunshine. we have the nats in town both saturday and sunday. afternoon games. monday, look at this. warm issue er in the 60s. look at the temperatures, ladies, upper 70. 70 on wednesday with showers and thunderstorms back to 60 on thursday. so -- tuesday and wednesday a big change from yesterday. >> we are ready for it. >> welcome change. >> i've got that cough that you have. tuesday an wednesday. i'm going to have a serious cough and won't be able to talk. up next a judge issues a ruling on that controversial bargaining. could be a win for unions there. that's next.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. . a final goodbye today for geraldine ferraro. it was held in manhattan. former president bill clinton, hillary clinton, former vice
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president walter mondell was there. geraldine ferraro died saturday at the age of 75. she had a form of blood cancer. today a judge's order is forcing scott walker's administration to put the state's die vices union rights law on holds. the ruling accomplishes what thousands of protestors and boycotting democrats could not. >> the law would take away nearly all public employee collective bargaining rights to their union. republicans leaders in favor of the law now have to wait while it works its way through the courts or start the law making process all over again. coming up next new at 5:30 p.m. >> reporter: meet a 7-year-old child who is being called a hero today. i'm britany morehouse. i'll tell you what the waldorf child did to save her mother's life.
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a 7-year-old from maryland is credited with saving her mom's life and gets a hero's treatment on capitol hill. republican leader in congress saying he may be ready to compromise. plus, we will hear from the
5:32 pm
nationals about today's loss to the braves. it is opening day. heros come in all sizes and today a 7-year-old girl from waldorf, maryland, got an official hero medal of honor. >> she likely saved her mother's life. >> britany morehouse has the story. >> reporter: she poses for photos like mist america riding high on her brains and bright smile. and she has even got a platform. >> 911 is not just a joke it is actually important thing that you really need to be serious about. >> reporter: a cause she is taking up after a personal experience. 7-year-old madison davis said her mother was having a seizure earlier this month. >> i didn't know what to do until i just figured out, oh, i've got to crack the door open to get them. >> reporter: by them she means paramedics. a certain door opens. >> can i help you?
5:33 pm
>> yes, my mom is having a seizure. >> okay. we are just going to get the paramedics. stay on the line with me. what's your name so i can call you by your name? >> madison. >> you're doing a great job over there helping your mom out. >> yes, she gives me some stuff to remember. >> instructions for you. >> a quick phone call but never theless life saving says her mom. >> she has always been my angel for everything she has done. she has been doing this since she was 5 years older. >> i used to not be calm but now i'm calm. >> reporter: her composure doesn't escape 911 operators like james maloney that she spoke to. >> every question i asked her she answered very calmly to me. >> reporter: tim brown today is recognizing ms. madison with a 911 local hero's medal of honor
5:34 pm
award. she says when she grows up she wants to be a teacher and she is already starting on a lesson plan. >> reporter: britany morehouse, 9news now. >> paramedics say they were amazed how helpful she was with providing her mother's medical information. she also took care of the pets, packed an overnight bag and told her where the babysitter lives. mark kelly says he is still waiting for the doctor's okay to bring his wife gabrielle giffords to his next launch. that launch is expected to take place in just under 3 weeks at the kennedy space center. gabrielle giffords is recuperating from a gunshot wound to the head. >> jerry and i were talking this morning a little bit. if my wife can make it down here for the flight. so that is still being discussed. don't have final approval from her doctors yet. >> liftoff is scheduled for
5:35 pm
april 19th and it will be endeavour's final flight. a week from tomorrow we could be facing potential federal government shutdown. >> that as the tea partyers are turning up the heat again. they are upset about congress. many feel the proposed budget cuts don't go far enough. the group held a continuing revolution rally outside of the u.s. capitol today to express their anger. that as the republican speaker of the house signaled a compromise is coming. >> our goal is to cut spending. >> it could woman account government shutdown. >> baynor said he agreed to discuss a cut of around $30 billion. that's down from the $60 billion cuts the republicans have already passed. today virginia state police -- okay, i'm going to
5:36 pm
take that one, lesli. >> today virginia police cleaned out a homeless camp. the question now is where do they go from here? >> with uniform precision dozens moved in. their orders to the homeless move out. >> unfortunately these individuals are trespassing. it is against the law. and it is a class 1 misdemeanor in virginia. we are assisting vdot in evacuating this state land. >> reporter: for years the state tolerated homel colonies in these woods adjacent to i- 95. >> they are walking over and across these ramps which are notlet. >> reporter: plus several brush fires which originated in the area forced vdot to act. >> i got $16,000 worth of stuff. i have been there for years. >> reporter: for the most part the homeless comply. >> we will get out of here. >> reporter: more difficult. lack of time.
5:37 pm
>> there is no way i can move all that in an hour. i need a tractor trailer to move my stuff. >> reporter: worst of all. nowhere to go. >> how do they think we will live? we are homeless. where are we going to go? why? we ain't doing nothing to nobody. >> reporter: several volunteers from local churches stopped by to lend a hand. >> i have my cross to bear and my cross is to help other people. >> reporter: a local homeless shelter will close for the winter season tomorrow. >> we haven't done anything wrong. up next. pigs on the loose. why police were searching for the swine in north carolina. coming up new at 6:00 p.m. >> reporter: police say a dominoes delivery man was killed over nothing more than chicken wings and pizza. that story coming up.
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talk about a strange site that brought traffic to a crawl. in the words of one emergency dispatcher, quote, there is a truck that is dropping pigs." police and animal control called the state highway patrol for backup after the animals got out of the truck and onto the highway. all five pigs were later corralled now they are trying to get them back to the owners. this is being called the catch of a lifetime in freeport, texas. two men out fishing when an 8- foot shark weighing about 375 pounds suddenly jumped on their boat. it happened about 50 miles offshore. >> next thing you know hits the side of the boat and we look back and it was 15 feet up in the air and i yelled shark.
5:41 pm
his mouth was wide open. the teeth marks go in about a quarter. >> for now it is on display at a local seafood store. >> sorry for that. >> yuck. >> one of the most expensive price tags ever for a single family home in the u.s. and yet nobody is planning to move in anytime soon. >> wow. >> according to the wall street journal russian investor paid $100 million for this french chat oh style mansion. multiple family rooms. nine bathrooms. it was built in 2008. comes complete with a ballroom, home theater, wine cellar, indoor pool. what's not to love? but a person familiar with the deal say he is no immediate
5:42 pm
plans to move in. has to furnishing the whole thing. opening day. didn't feel like spring at nationals park. good thing you have the coat. >> i needed a coat, gloves, scarfs. nats needed some offense they didn't have any on this opening day. weather was cold. their bats colder. jayson werth and company shooting blanks against the braves. take you inside the clubhouse to if i were out what went wrong. did not feel like baseball weather today, sir? >> really isn't going to feel like baseball weather for a while. we will show you temperatures. look at low 40s across the board. low 40s downtown. 39 in hagerstown. even 45 in fredericksburg. we will tell you when the rain will fire back up again. next, easter is right around the corner but filling your child's basket may cost you a little more this year. we will tell you why on the other side. g
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just in time for easter. chocolate will cost more. hershey is raising its prices by 10%. the candy giant says increased costs for the raw materials, fuel, utilities and transportation is the reason for the increase. seems like there are more and more of those daily discount sites popping up aim at bargain hunters with the thrill of bagging a big deal. but if you're not careful you could end up spending a lot more than you saved. . >> reporter: group buying is popular. for the uninitiated. daily discounts. 50, 60 even 80% off. some deals require a certain number of people to buy in. for others the number of
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coupons offered is capped. on sites where you pay for a deal up front don't buy too many. check out online reviews of the establishment offering the deal the same way you would if you were paying full price. groupon and living social have hypeo localized deals by neighborhoods but other sites cover wider areas an with gas prices inching higher driving 50 miles for a 50% discount may not be a deal after all. read the fine prints. for example, restaurants may not honor coupons on a friday or saturday or travel deals during a holiday weekend. the better business bureau says you should pay for those deals with a credit card. a credit card gives you stronger protection if the group buying site is fraudulent. making a very special delivery today at georgetown university hospital showing up
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with about 100 pairs of twin teddy bears for young cancer patients. volunteers were on hand to greet the kids. the airline has helped raise nearly $530,000 for the american cancer society in the past four years. go united airlines. you have just a few hours left to enter for your chance to win your very own ipad 2 on us. all you have to do is go to our facebook pages, like us, enter our great tablet give away. refer your friends, you'll have an even better shot at winning. if you're already a fan click the sweepstakes link on left side of the page to enter. you have until 11:59 p.m. to sign up and you'll find out the winner tomorrow morning on 9news now at 6:00 a.m. my daughter woke up this morning and said, mom, how can i be so cold again? again. >> jet stream. >> blame is on the jet stream. >> got that. jet stream. >> not me. >> never you. >> i meant to show this earlier. it is thursday. i thought this was a cool best
5:49 pm
shot. this was taken in dana's flower garden in southern maryland last sunday when we had snow south of town believe it or not. >> almost looks like they are wearing a scarf. >> it does. >> red crested hawk look for a snack. thank you so much from st. leonard. you want to submit something go to our website and please include your name and your town and a little description. i must have boomed out 50 beautiful cherry blossom pictures. had no name. let's talk about temperatures. we should be 62 this time of year. climbing is what to expect. weather is what you get. 41 gaithersburg. 43 in frederick. 39 in hagerstown and 40 in martinsburg. live doppler showing most of the showers pushing away. good news is not much heavy
5:50 pm
rain will fall for the remainer of the rush hour. more rain is on the way. a wet morning commute but thankfully a dry evening commute on friday and not as cold over the week. we are not going to be up to the 60s but western getting there. 11:00 p.m. tonight late showers down to the south. rainy night. in fact, overnight 6:00 a.m. in the morning we have got moderate rain. darker green. so allow some extra time to work. will be chilly too in the morning. we have snow in between cumberland and hagerstown and points west. that continues right into the afternoon. showers should move across the bay around lunchtime. clouds giving way to sunshine and we will see the sunset tomorrow which will be kind of a nice thing. then we get into saturday morning. another system approaches our area. that could give us rain or snow showers during the day on saturday. for tonight, cloudy and cold.
5:51 pm
rain developing again. mixing with some snow north and west. by morning, early rain or snow shower possible but then slowly decreasing clouds. still cold. temps in the 30s and 40s. winds finally turn north westerly at 10. driving wind. afternoon, partly cloudy, breezy and brisk. highs low 50s. winds pick up in and out north westerly 10 to 20 and gusty. april is going to feel like march 1. next seven days. saturday rain or snow showers, 50. nats in town saturday and sunday. mid-50s. much warmer in the 60s on monday. 70s on tuesday with a fair amount of sunshine and risk of a storm but highs near 80. more storms on wednesday. drying out next thursday with high of around 60. >> time for that. >> that's more like it. >> we are looking forward it that. >> okay. thank you, topper. >> i know another person who is kind of looking for the forecast because he has been stuck outside in the cold and the rain.
5:52 pm
but it is opening day. >> for what football season? certainly didn't feel like opening day today. if we told you hernandez would give up three hits all day you would assume that the nats would win and you would have assumed wrong much his performance spoiled by a nats offense that got just five hits and nothing for run. 50 degrees colder than it will be in july. high hopes for this new season. though it didn't take long for the nats to fall behind. top of the 1st brian mccann knocking a two-out single down the middle. braves jump up 1-0. chipper jones. next inning jason hayward. he exploded onto the scene last year as a rookie for braves. 2-0. on the hill derek lowe was
5:53 pm
pretty much untouchable for atlanta. this is in the bottom of the 3rd. he gets ian desmond. he gets jayson werth. and ryan zimmerman as well. striking out the side. struck out 6. nats fall in the opener 2-0. joined by my partner. kristin, i think it is time to use the old cliff we always use on opening -- cliche. >> hopefully they will get a win on opening weekend. levo said in the lockerroom this is kind of like the first day of school all the excitement but all in all they are pleased with the way they played. >> it is one of those days. we had some opportunities. didn't come through. but all in all i think we did
5:54 pm
good. >> well played game. they came out on top. >> there was a lot of talk about the chemistry of the team on the field and i think they were just happy to finally play a game that meant something in front of their home crowd. >> the new second baseman will be back at 2. we will have more at 6:00 p.m. back to you. >> thank you, both. up next, why some doctors are calling for more female focused research when it comes to asthma. our health alert is next. ??
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dow down almost 31 points. nasdaq closing the day 4 points higher. s&p 500 closed lower down 2 points. a story we first told you about yesterday. fda looking at any link between artificial food colors and hyper activity. well today an advisory panel said there should be more research into the safety of these dyes. but the panel voted 8-6 again requiring warning labels on food agreeing with the fda. there isn't enough evidence to show certain artificial colors are linked to adhd in kids. also tonight the toll asthma takes on men and women in different ways. there is growing evidence the symptoms of asthma can be very different between the sectiones and sometimes the treatments
5:58 pm
should be too. >> reporter: even though she has been dealing with asthma since age 12 jody moore says it has never been as bad as when she was expecting her daughters. >> it was way worse when i was pregnant. worse than it had ever been ever. >> reporter: the fact that jodie's asthma flared to dangerous levels while she was pregnant is obviously a uniquely female experience. but when it comes to asthma it may not be the only one. >> there is this general perception that one size fits all with asthma but we have found actually that's not the case. >> reporter: this doctor is an asthma expert at ohio state university medical center. she says, for example, under the age of 15 asthma is 54% more common in males. but after the age of 35, that changes. asthma becomes twice as common in the female population. women are more likely to be hospitalized and more likely to die from asthma.
5:59 pm
even in less severe cases women often have greater anxiety. >> by using six specific symptoms you may be able to better determine just how well controlled a patient's asthma is. >> the most common asthma triggers for both sexes include cigarette smoke, secondhand smoke, pet dander, they can all make breathing tougher for someone with asthma. thank you for joining us for 9news now at five. 9news now at six starts right now. this is 9news now. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." >> pizza. chicken wings and pizza. absurd but true. her son, a pizza delivery driver was killed for nothing. shot to death over some chicken wings and some pizza. we have been following this


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